Evolve Price List

Evolve has a simple per trainer monthly cost that gives you full access to all the software features. Some other software products charge double for additional locations, but we allow your business to grow by charging you only for the services you use.

Package Monthly Price
Independent $25.00
2 to 5 Trainers $50.00
6 to 10 Trainers $75.00
11 to 15 Trainers $125.00
16 to 20 Trainers $150.00
21+ Trainers Call

ICTraining offers inexpensive setup packages to ensure your interaction with Evolve will be a success. If you are an independent, a single location studio, or a multiple location club you will benefit from our one-on-one training. We provide data import services and the ability to custom brand the software for your club.


  • All prices shown are in US dollars
  • Pricing is determined by the number of trainers
  • No additional charge for multiple locations
  • Immediate access to all new features and enhancements
  • Access your account from any terminal
  • Unlimited user support
  • Secure nightly backup