Why Hosted Software?

Evolve does not require installation CDs - nor does it place a burden on you to stay current with updates. Providing a consistent, up-to-date program is our burden, not yours. We chose the Hosted Software model carefully because it offers the best to our clients! Why?

  • Evolve stays on high performance servers at ICTraining and your data is completely secured.
  • System management is handled by us. Backups are done nightly and stored off-site for security. Our servers have redundancy to virtually eliminate any downtime. Best of all, your staff can focus being experts in their own field rather than struggling to provide tech support!
  • Evolve is available absolutely anywhere you have internet access. Gym - Home - or a hotspot at your favorite coffee shop! And if any PC fails in your office, simply find another unit to open your browser. No data loss, no chaos because you can't get to your system.
  • Multiple locations? No problem! And no need to set up a complex network in order to access your data.
  • Any updates to the program are immediately received by you. We strive to deliver constant enhancements and new features. You always have the latest and greatest of the software! And if ever there is a glitch (well - occasionally it happens) the fix is available to you within seconds of the release.
  • Support is much more efficient and streamlined. Our support team can directly assist you with your problem rather than waste time asking what version or what hardware you are using.
  • Nothing is installed on your PC - so no software or hardware integration issues. How many hours have been spent struggling to resolve compatibility problems when installing a new software program? Not with Evolve! Simply open your browser, log in and get started.

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